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Building Washing

We’ll remove the stubbornest stains, residue, mould or graffiti from your premises.

Our specialised soft wash cleaning systems have successfully revitalised hundreds of building exteriors across
Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, adding premium value to your property.

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Building Cleaning

Our professional building washing, cleans and brightens the exterior surfaces such as doors, frames, gutters, eaves, fascia boards, render and weatherboard.The benefits of soft washing are extensive. One main feature being that it maintains the quality of exterior surfaces which in turn preserves and extends the materials life.

We use a soft, non-abrasive washing technique to ensure there’s no damage to any surfaces. This involves a specialised cleaning solution and super soft brushes. We operate commercial grade cleaning equipment suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces providing fantastic end results. We have a large range of soft washing brushes and machines designed for maximising cleaning efficiency, results and safety. Our methods of cleaning are tailored to meet your requirements.

How Softwash works
Our experienced soft wash specialists will spray a specially formulated cleaning solution to the exterior surfaces of your building. The chemical application will be proportionally dosed to suit the condition of the surface. The chemical formula reacts with the surface dirt and mould thus removing the need to use high pressure equipment which can damage the integrity of the surface.

The Softwash solution takes effect in a few minutes, breaking down cobwebs, mould and grime. Sometimes stubborn dirt may need to be loosened with a soft brush. The solution is then rinsed off with cold water.

Before getting started, your friendly building washing specialist will take the time to walk around your house to check outdoor items are a safe distance from potential spray and will help you move any delicate items.

Preparation for building washing You will need to take a few precautions to ensure no water or detergent damage occurs to items around your home while it is being washed:

  • Ensure all doors and windows are tightly closed.
  • Place old towels along the bottom of your doors to absorb any potential water that may leak inside.
  • Move or cover any non-waterproof items on decks, patios or balconies.
  • Remove clothes from washing lines.
  • Park your car away from your house, or in the garage.
  • Switch off any outdoor lights or electrical equipment.
  • Ensure your fuse box is closed.

Arozon Services offers a repeat building washing schedule to help you manage the ongoing maintenance of your property, ensuring it stays looking good all year round. Simply ask us about this service when booking your job.

Get the complete clean by adding our window cleaning bundle service to your next building wash.

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